The Common Areas
The rules for the common areas are posted next to the Cabana, and online for you to reference.

We have established a policy of self-policing. It is expected that our members know the rules and will help the younger members of their families respect them as well. Breaking the rules will result in the loss of the privilege to use the pool and/or tennis courts.

Key Fobs to access the pool are to be used by homeowners only. When moving out of Westbrook, please turn over your Key Fobs to the new owner, otherwise the cards will be deactivated. Non residents may not use Westbrook’s facilities unless they are a guest of a resident who is present.

Homeowners who lose their cards will be charged $10.00 for each key fob.

Please police your space when leaving the common areas. Spilled food and drink attracts ants and other vermin. Remember that the Pool Crew, who clean and close the pool every evening, are your neighbors.


Common areas (i.e. picnic shelter, play area, pool, tennis courts) are for Westbrook HOA members and their guest(s) only.
During summer months, the pool will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily unless otherwise posted.
Please keep all the common areas clean.
Alcohol and all glass containers are prohibited in the common areas.
No skateboarding permitted in any of the common areas.
A Westbrook HOA member may have no more than 4 guests accompany him/her while in the common areas.
A Westbrook HOA member must accompany his/her guest(s) at all times while in the common areas.
A Westbrook HOA member must actively monitor his/her guest(s) within the pool area if his/her guest(s) are in the pool area.
Westbrook HOA members should schedule common area events (i.e. birthday parties) during weekdays and not during peak times (i.e. evenings, weekends).
A Westbrook HOA member and/or guests may not occupy more than 2 tables at any time.
A Westbrook HOA member’s child and/or guest(s) under the age of 16 must be under constant supervision of an escort over the age of 18 when using the common areas.
Westbrook HOA members should keep safety in mind and make sure children are monitored. When using the pool, please use a ratio of 2 non-swimmers to 1 adult. These non-swimmers should use a personal flotation device.
Each Westbrook HOA member must ensure the cabana gate and the tennis court gate are locked after each entry or exit of the respective areas. These gates must never be propped open.
Westbrook HOA members violating these rules may lose common area privileges.

For a full list of guidelines, visit DHEC: